Hey all – so here’s a very important message from the IN HIS LIKENESS world:

If you are friends with me on any of the many social media, you’ve already seen this – so bear with, as its the first update since I started. In the upper left of the menu, there is a button for the IHL-DON-A-TRON. I ask you please to check out what’s going on. Short version is that I’m doing the preorders for Lords of the Bit, but it isn’t just about that. I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to get it done as quickly as I have if I didn’t have an ulterior motive, and that being a family member of mine needs some help. So all proceeds from this preorder will be going to making sure my sister and her family have a place to live. I’ve been doing a damn good job of not getting into the sad lil details of the tale, so I’m not going to here either. I’m just going to tell you the straight facts.

The book will have extras. The donation version will have a special cover by talented artists. Donators will probably get at least ONE cool thing, and probably freebies because I do that. It only costs $10, which is a little higher, but like I said – all after cost proceeds go directly to my sister’s family. Buying a book helps people in need, and I didn’t feel a touch of remorse in making the donation version of this book cost a smidge more to make sure I balance out all costs.

Please click the link and read the explanation. If you aren’t able to donate, I dig it and I still thank you for looking – but consider at least sharing the page on your social media du jour if you have one.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of this lil story… and I must admit, the ‘American Gladiators’ style fight was my wife’s idea.