Hey all – I told you things are running horribly for me on the webside of things. I’m going to be making it up to you… but now its time for me to tell you parts of the reasons why.

So – a bit less than a year ago, Mr. Ian ‘Toriko’ Sinclair and I were enjoying scotch on the veranda deck of our huge yachts. (Actually, we were hanging out at SugoiCon, which is pretty close) and he says to me, he says, ‘How come nobody is animating your shit? It’s funny’.

Well that was the beginning of the rest of the weekend where he and I just talked about how we might go about making IHL-Animated happen. As far as I was concerned, this was a fun weekend of fanservicing myself, but I can’t deny it was exciting. As these things do, we continued to discuss it lightly over the course of the next few months…

Ian wouldn’t stop. He kept talking. He kept texting me about it. Until finally, we set a date. So at the beginning of August, i was slated to go to Dallas, home of much of the voice acting universe, and we were going to get work done. That was two weeks ago… and here’s what I got:
– 6 episodes written
– 4 episodes with basic audio tracks (None of it refined or perfected)
– 1 episode halfway animated

I wanted to have more for you guys right this second. I wanted to be able to show you a trailer. Big glitzy lights and the like, but Ian is tempering me. So – sometimes – I finish a comic at 1am and put it up at 1:10. I’ve done it in the past… this isn’t going to work like that. It can’t. This, as far as I’m concerned, is so mega huge, I have to let someone else dictate how slow it goes and I can’t be my normal IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION self. So, the middle ground is… I get to tell you, but I cannot show you… … … … … yet.

So buckle in kids – this is the beginning of a really awesome adventure, and I’ll be updating how it is going here.