What’s going on people.

Happy Sunday.

Now that I’m getting back into the flow, on Weds I’m going to have some shilling stuff.. promotional and pointing out that you might not know I have a PATREON now! Where there is a new webcomic!

I know – you are going to hear that a lot from me, but it is kind of part of the deal… I’ll explain.

Life happened. It happened in a fairly quick and decisive manner and where I’m in a good place now, I have a bit more time for creativity and a much bigger need to make some big moves towards being creatively financially pushy.

Watching my partner hustle on the twitter for the SomethingCast has been fairly eye-opening on how effort breeds effect. It’s a hustle out there and you guys have been so good to me over the years I’ve always felt weird just pimping shamelessly ALLLLL THHHEEE TIIIMMMEEE… sadly, I’ll probably be increasing that a bit.

If it gets annoying – let me know. Or you know.. be aware all I want to do is give you guys a lot more of me. Which sounds gross, but I mean it in the best creative way. <3