And that’s it. Hopefully you all enjoyed it.

A couple of things to note – firstly – I want to apologize to all of the pre-orders, my hope was to get the book out to you guys before this page was posted. If you didn’t receive an email from me (and you should have), the reason I can tell you all is because of an interesting story that starts at Pittsburgh Comiccon.

The story of a dot Cthulu story has been circulating in my brain for, literally, years. Along the way I met a fantastic horror and pin-up artist who said that if I ever got around to doing the Cthulu book, to let him know and he would do the cover. As I was finishing up organizing the book, I realized I didn’t have a cover and the comment rang with me… so I made an email and got a response quickly back saying that it would be done.

So please, if everyone could go over to his illustration Facebook and thank Mr. Jay Fife for lending his awesome artistic talents to the printed version of The Dotwich Horror.

I’ll be posting a picture of it as soon as I see it – but knowing Jay it will be nothing less than fantastic.

Sunday – New storyline! WOOO!