This has been the week of unending work. Which is what I should be doing. Basically, I’ve been a real boy for the last week. An official grown-up when it comes to creating and building.

Why? Because you sunzabitches want your Dotwich Horror comic IN your hands.

So – I have good news and bad news.
THE GOOD NEWS – The comic is done, and formatted, and by tomorrow night should be ready to go to the printer.
THE BAD NEWS – It won’t be yet. The reason is that there is still a little matter of the cover to handle. Now, a long time ago, I had a conversation with a friend I met at Pittsburgh ComicCon about how hysterical it would be to do a Cthulu Dot book. He said to me that if I ever did one, to let him know and he would do the cover. Lo and behold, he is living up to his word… but that means that I have to wait for him to do his work. I’m not going to push or prod the fantastically artistic. After he has given the full Dotwich a read, and has gotten all creative with his bad self, I will have a better estimate on if there will be any delay in getting the book to the printer.

This DOES mean that you probably won’t have the book in your hand by the time the book ends. (Next week) It does mean that I am going to start the gravy train of emails, getting addresses, and starting to get to work on all of your consignment prints/desktops that those that got the ‘WHAT THE HELL’ package were offered.

Oh – and btw – Karate Kid jokes? Too old? Too soon?