Back from CTCon! Nothing says ‘I’m a rock star’ like selling out of books on Saturday morning, being the guest of SuperArtFight on Saturday night, and then being back at your mundane real world desk job by Monday morning.

I got to meet tons of folks, reunite with others, see some old friends and fans that I haven’t in a few years (lookin at you epobbp!) and honestly – I’m not going to do a big list today.. maybe drop a few names as the week goes on, but I would like to give a big thank you to Kevin and Blondie, formerly known as the Caf-Fiends, they’ve started up a new comic called And A Hard Place. They were, as they have been before, the most fantastic and wonderful house-hosts for the Madison and I. Go check out their comic so I can pay off my room service bill.

Also a big thanks to everyone who is coming to the site today for the first time because of the weekend. You are looking at Page 32 of an extensive story arc that starts HERE!.

See ya Weds,