Ok, so some of you guessed pretty quickly, and there was no way I could hide it, so I just kept my big yap shut. The FSM himself has arrived in the IHL-o-Sphere. I don’t want to say too much from here about it, as I want you to just enjoy it as it comes. For those who aren’t aware of the invisible pink unicorn, which was mentioned a few strips ago (and was a hint) – if you are a fan of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I highly recommend reading about the IPU here.

Ok – so now a fun little anecdote about something I learned this week. My wife called me on Monday and told me that a co-worker of hers had found a kitten crawling across the highway the night before, and if she didn’t get a lead on it, she was going to take it to a shelter. Along with, there was a picture. (As seen here.) My heart melted, as did my wife’s and we were talking about the potential of taking in the lil fluffball ourselves. The real issue is that our two cats, Uatu and Akuma, are VERY possessive about their space. We brought a kitten in here a few months ago, and it took them a week to stop hissing at the spot of the carpet that the carrier was sitting on. I’m only being slightly dramatic with that statement.

So, since we couldn’t take her, I made it a mission to go out and ask my lil internet universe of friends. I posted the link and within an hour it had been shared a half dozen times. The kitten was on its way to being a meme. By the end of my workday, the lil one had found herself a new foster home, and the new owner was fairly certain that her husband was going to want to keep the kitten anyway.

So this all leads me to an interesting thing I’ve learned about the internet this week. I know we all joke about how kittens are the internet’s favorite thing (next to porn), but lo and behold when a rule like that comes to life, its amazing. I’ve lightly posted here and there about the pre-sale/kickstartery/thingy I got going on – and the response has been pleasant from my the world of the Facebook… couple ‘GOOD LUCKS’ and I’m sure a sale or two… but post a sad widdle kitten… THE WORLD EXPLODES IN FIERY HELPFULNESS!

So, I do believe that henceforth, all IHL projects are going to include free homeless kittens. I’m going to be a fucking millionaire.