So I’ve been quiet in the bloggy spot for a while – it comes and goes. Most of this time has been that I’ve been working on the Steampunk World’s Faire which is going on this very weekend in Piscataway, NJ. If you are in the area, come check out the Midway as it should be the biggest party at the show.. and I kinda put it together.

After this, its all comics all summer. I have finalized some of my plans for Matsuricon and I’m expecting Connecticon to be an unending amount of good times. Not only will I get to see some of my fan cum friends up there, but also chill with no end of amazing comicky folks, including the Super Art Fight crew.

On that note – If you are in the Baltimore area – please go check out THEIR BIG SHOW this weekend. Not only is it 12 hours of unending SAF excitement, but its supporting a fantastic cause in the Ulman Cancer Fund. If I wasn’t going to be busy with SPWF – I would be there. When I found out both events were concurrent, I had to make a judgement call, but I had already begun work on the Faire…

Ah well – gonna be a big east coast weekend – hope to see you or find out how you enjoyed the show in MD.