Ok – so for those who don’t follow my various forms of social media.. I’ll be honest. I did nothing this weekend. That’s not ENTIRELY true – but I didn’t do anything related to the comic. When I don’t have a comic ready, I should be working on it the night before… much like I’m writing this on Tuesday.

This weekend, on Friday night I helped out a local haunt, which is awesome. I’m not working at my alma horror of Corner of Chaos – so getting a chance to make lil kids scream aside from my lingering outside the middle school was awesome. From there I spent Saturday morning dealing with family. Moving boxes, furniture, and all of the rest of the hell that goes with emergency pick-up-and-go’s.

“Hatton, that means you did a lot this weekend..”

Yeah, so that was all done by noon on Saturday. I was exhausted, beat up, and spent the next 36 or so ours on my couch with the wifey playing portable games and watching the entire series ‘Orange is The New Black’. Highly recommended, fyi. The whole thing. I haven’t watched 13 hours of television in that short of a span in a lonnNNnnnNNng time. But, in turn, not once did I pick my laptop and work on the comic – and for that – sorry.

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