Ok – here’s a handful of Jamie links this week. All of them podcasting and all of them fresh off the microphone.
1) Good friend and funny bastard Uncle Yo had myself and my wife join together to discuss the overpopulation freeze in Japan on his show ‘WE ARE THE GEEK’. For such an odd topic – I think we did ok. Listen to it right here!

2) Myself, Dani of All New Issues and Wildpig Chris headed to the middle of PA and hung out with the posse from Comic Geek Speak. I was honored to join with Jamie, Shane, and Murd as we talked 90’s X-Men. Find both parts here: PART 1, PART 2.

3) Last but certainly not least – Podcast Rob and I have put out another episode of OUR podcast – The Something Something Cast – this is not only our big Holiday Jamboree, but our last show of the year, so bring some love.

That’s it for me! See you for the THRILLING CONCLUSION of Ishtar!

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