Ok – lets address some things here.

1) Halloween is over, so it is time for me to get back to the real priorities. That means this comic and moving forward on getting books and things together. There has been more than one person in the last couple of months that have asked me if I have a store. And I did for a little while, but I always felt it wasn’t good enough.

So mega-priorities 1 – 1000 is to get my schedule and the store back on track. And then from there start pumping out new material. New books. New concepts. New toys. New everything.

2) The animation. It has been a bit since I discussed that, and I definitely owe it to you guys to discuss it outloud. The fact is I jumped the gun on telling you all.. because this process is slow and arduous and is based on two guys who have very busy lives (Myself and Ian). He gets revved on part of the project, I’m doing unending local gigs. I get revved up, he starts doing One Piece. We WILL sync up and this WILL happen – but its going to take the time of two grown men who are awesome. =)

So there you go. I’m sorry for the only once a week page for the last few weeks.. you deserve better. I’ll work on it.