Ah, there we go, back to the gods we know and love..

And by gods we ‘Know’ I mean.. gods… one of whom you have met briefly before.

Do you know how hard it is to find a group of Gods that represent technology and engineering? The Norse don’t even have one.

And let me say that Vishwakarma took a really long time, because when I’m concocting the design of a new god, I have to consider that if I use the god in the future, I should use the same design.. I want the universe to have a fairly strong cohesion, which is why Devil is Devil is Devil no matter what pantheon we tool around with.

So since this is the first Hindu character I’ve ever really worked with, I had to spend a long time researching Hindu gods and decide what their general appeal will be visually. Thankfully most Hindu gods have these awesome and gorgeous headpieces… Phew.

next time you read this comic – IT WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY!