Well that’s the end of that.

The origin of the god of the Internet.

This story is probably the most auto-biographical that IHL has ever been, in that I really used to do a lot of those early 90s pre-internet book stuff. I was on MUDs (Multi-user Dungeons) and the Shadow of Yserbius which was in many ways the shitty Uncle you get cool ideas from when it comes to graphic based MMOs. I spent a lot of time in an ANSI editor both as a teenager and here.. (Do you know how hard it is to find a good ANSI editor without reinstalling a copy of TheDraw?!)

I hope you guys enjoyed it. I figure with the full page format, some of the newer gods don’t get their due, and I still love to tell stories about Internet and Rita (although she is notably missing in this story given its timeframe) and I probably owe you guys a Devilette/Angelette story sometime in the future… but not next.

Next is the summer blockbuster I promised… it is also less mythological and more sort of meta-logical.. but it is, as so much of IHLU is, a beast of testing myself and my abilities as a storyteller good or bad.

Whatdja think of this though?!