This is the last update before Christmas. So let me just say thank you guys one and all for being one of the best group of fans I could ask for.

One of the cool things about Christmas is that it marks the anniversary of the launch of In His Likeness. Now, earlier in the year at a few conventions, I did some math and came up with the number 10. I somehow had myself convinced that IHL was turning 10 as of this Tuesday. The fact is that I redid the math this past week and … yeah.. I’m a little off. IHL is turning 8 years old come Tuesday. Not as cool, but still a testament when you consider that most webcomics last, on average, a year or two.

What is upcoming this year for IHL – quite a bit actually. I have two new convention invites that, as always, I have to wait until they announce me before I can promote them. I have a new IHL project with a friend that I won’t announce until its over 70% done so I don’t get excited. I have promised that Book 3 comes out this year. And I’ll probably come up with other stuff.. maybe I’ll finally finish the IHL Coloring Book =D

Anyway – this isn’t supposed to be a self-flagrating sort of post – this is really supposed to be a THANK YOU for making it possible for me to have been doing this 8 years.

I seriously appreciate you sunza’bitches


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