There is this period of time during the late summer where I kind of sigh and realize that the world is going to be nothing but busy’ness. Then after cons and haunts and whatnots, I have this dead period of recoup. It’s nice, and its where I remember that I never finished Fallout 3. Then, con season ends for the year and I have all of these things that I want to get done for the next year. Book 3 is one of them. A project with Dan ‘Weesh’ Hess that has been on and off for the last two years. A new pet project. I realize that I’m busy again.. but I’m busy at home. It’s insane! Oh, and I still haven’t friggin’ beaten Fallout 3!

2013 is looking to be, and I said this in 2012 and was right, the biggest year of IHL yet. I look forward to celebrating the new year with all of you, and hopefully be able to tell you some of the secrety exciting news that’s brewing behind the scenes.

I have to get back to learning new skills and drawing pages. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.


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