Welcome one and all to IHL’s favorite time of year – Christmas! What does that mean?

It means if you are unaware, the Advent Calendar arrived on Sunday – and it will be here til Mid-January as it always is. Anyway, on to other stuff….

Nope, that’s really it. so, for those who don’t follow the book of Faces, my wife and I are currently dealing with some hellish annoyances as a result of Sandy and our apartment. It seems that this bitch of a storm didn’t jus decide to strike down the Jersey Shore, but also it hit our upstairs neighbors.. which in turn made water piss into our living room. Lovely really. So I warn you that there may be a missed day coming.. not yet, and I’m working hard to bring back the illustrious buffer – but we’re looking at apartments and trying to get some remediation on our fears of mold. Anyways, that’s none of your concern. Laugh, be merry, its the holiday season – and shitty apartment ceiling or not – I looooove Christmas =)

Go watch Emmitt Otter and let me know how badass it is,


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