Po comes to an end.

So it was asked last comic if someone missed something, or there was confusion about the story. I’ll tell ya. I could have added another 5 pages to this story. Stuff betwixt Po and Bart. Stuff with Po and the Po’lings. I decided I wasn’t going to for a couple of reasons.
1 – The story was getting Ctoolu in length.
2 – I really don’t know where those stories will end.

So I left them open. I like the pirates, and I like each one of them individually. Blackbeard is fairly Yarr Yohoho and stereotypical. Captain Kidd is very much Baph, as his moniker historically is ‘The Gentleman’s Pirate’ and Black Bart is effectively Robert DeNero from Stardust. I love the idea that there is a Minion’s Union. There are tons of places to go with these things, and I happily will want to revisit them in the future.

Talking about revisiting, I’m going to be at Wicked Faire this weekend, so after a 1 page joke on Sunday, we’re back to a smaller story, but for the first time since starting IHLU, we’ll be revisiting some characters! ooooOOOooo!

See ya then,