So my brain is addled at the moment. You see my day gig is having a Biggest Loser sort of competition where I have the potential to make some qwan. So I’ve been on diet lockdown and working out. I run 2 miles regularly and if I eat one more carrot, I’m going to have to join a social media site for rabbits. Bunbook? Facehop? Anyway – I usually write these things at night, and perhaps that’s not a good idea because today I pushed myself a smidge too hard. My brain isn’t doing word things right.

I’m really surprised that hard-edged workout junkies don’t do weird things all of the time. I actually found myself pondering sitting in the dryer as I changed my laundry. No reason. Just ‘Hey, it would be nice to sit in’. On.. Off.. whatever…

I need to go to bed.

Enjoy your Sunday.