IHL is still here – 8 years later and we’re still here. It’s weird that now that I’m doing this format, I don’t really get a chance to do a big ol’ thank you to everyone. That sort of thing was always saved for 100 strips or 250 strips later. Welp, last year I relaunched as IHL-U – and we’re still going strong about 6 stories later. What do you guys think?

What does 2013 hold for me and the kids? Welp, a couple things that I can mention:
1 – A new con or two. The first is IkasuCon! in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. They are having me out for my first time there and I’ve never been to Indiana, so I don’t expect to know too many people…. but by the end… I SHALL RULE TH– I shall enjoy their company.

2 – Book 3 is officially being worked on. It took forever. Part my own fault. Part the universe’s. About 6 months ago I realized that Book 3 might not happen due to the fact that I would have to recreate almost 75% of the work done in that 100 comics, and then another 50% of the work done for Book 4. Welp, turns out those files weren’t missing at all, and with the help of Danielle over at All New Issues (I just heard someone’s brain explode…) thanks to her help, I have all the files. Admittedly, she gave them to me like… 6 months ago? I just now can get around to doing the damned book.


So, a year later, what do you think?