Morning all,

A minor note that was brought to my attention through a comment in last week’s strip. Charlie wrote that he wasn’t aware that Kraken had live births. This comment confused me (and you’ll understand more in the next page) – then I realized that it was probably because of the size differential between the Kraken when it was introduced and how she looked in the panel with Po.

This is very specifically a mistake on my part. I’m still admittedly getting used to some of the specifics of doing full page comics, and a glaring error like the size of the Kraken is one I should have recognized. So sadly there isn’t much I can do to fix it at this point, but maybe if/when this book gets a print version, I’ll try and fix this and the last page. Charlie, you get IHL’s first ever No Prize.

Thanks and see ya Weds,

PS – If any of you folks live in the NJ area, I’ll be hosting at the infamous Roxy & Dukes this Saturday for the introduction of the Infernal Machination Society – a secret society that I’m allowed to talk about! Unlike the Stonecutters, of which I am not.