Hey!  Check out that new naming convention.  It seems more reasonable to me that if I’m going to be doing the comic on a less structured timeframe, that I’m just going to call comics in storylines by their storyline.  If I ever choose to evolve one of these into another book or do something bigger than just put up my funnies, I’ll figure it out then.

Honestly, it makes more sense to do it this way from a social media perspective, and if you are reading them online, you don’t need to know the order.. they’re in order on here or they’re out in the wild and the context gets squishy.

I used to obsesssssss over my comic number order.  I feel it is one of those things I need to let go.  If it is ever important, I’ll go count up the pages.  I’m happier creating comics than worrying about that stuff.

Anyway!  This is a full storyline that will be going on for a few weeks – featuring computer jokes and some miserably awesome puns. It is going to be a multi-comic storyline, so it gets the ‘Page 1’ treatment that the IHL-U stuff did.