A long time ago – there was a storyline I did where the Horsemen got to play D&D. It was a short few strip story, but there was an angle there that I loved. First, they are all so easily distinguishable, and they have always been some of my favorite characters to play with. They’ve always been a tad hard, given there are 4 of them – so any time they appeared in a story, I felt that it was a real pain to show how all four interacted with each other. The power of the full page format gives me the availability to flesh out this idea a lot more, and I have a feeling what is to come should really be a fun mix of meta-gaming and fantasy storytelling all in one.

I can’t deny there are two real main sources of this story. The first is, as the look of the characters all sitting at the table should be apparent to those that know it, for a long time one of my favorite comics was Knights of the Dinner Table which isn’t very strong on the art side, but five characters all sitting at a table for what is probably now nearing 200 issues is pretty fantastic if it can hold your attention.

The next is that every Sunday I play Pathfinder with a group of 8 – 13 year old kids, which I think I’ve mentioned before. It’s fantastically rewarding teaching these kids how to roleplay and watching them go from little idjits that want to kill monsters into legit dice-rolling pains in a DM’s ass.

Oh – and I know a few of you are patiently biding your time for a story that is just about the ‘Lettes. I know you want it. I’m not trying to make you guys wait forever, but there are so many tales that I’ve gotten to tell – and I promise that when I finally do a full on Devilette story (or Lucy & Zeke for that matter) it is going to be extra special.

Til Weds.