Last night I sat and finished up this page on a livestream. By the end of it, in which I did 2 pages – one of the characters you are reading right now changed drastically. Sadly, you have to wait til Sunday to see what I’m talking about – but be damned if I didn’t have a fun time drawing it.

Nextly – I got to talk to my friend Jennie over at The Devil’s Panties and we have decided that we must do a convention together again. It has been waaaay too long. Sadly, most of our schedule for the year is in stone, but maaaaybe if there is a show you know of that wants the loudest and most self-amusing tag-team in webcomics at your show, you’ll let either of us know where we should meet each other.

It will be like Sleepless In Seattle.. except with webcomics .. and no lost love affair .. and .. uhm.. ok, so maybe it won’t be anything like Sleepless in Seattle.