So let me tell you just a little bit about this page.

I spent the last weekend at the Comic Geekspeak Supershow – and amongst the fine line of webcomickers, traditional comic artists, and array of fantastic print artists … I always come home feeling a mix of a need to work and a vague sense of humbled by how far I’ve gotten on such little artistic talent. I’m not knocking what I do and have done – not in the slightest – ok, maybe a little slight – but I’m a writer at heart, and any art skill has been a creation of necessity.

So I sat at my desk and worked.. and worked and worked.. annnnd worked. I think this last panel, which took me a fairly long time given my averages, is one of the sexiest panels I’ve ever done. Utterly proud of it.

The internet truism kinda holds – ‘Sucking at something is the first step to being pretty good at something’. I put myself firmly somewhere in the middle at this point.

Hope you guys get the joke.. if you don’t – I’ll explain it later.