When I started this storyline, it was a direct response to a couple of things going on in my head:
1 – I’ve been really enjoying my Pathfinder game on Sundays. I play with a handful of tweenagers and I get to teach them all ends of awesome fantasy tropes. The greatest thing about them is that none of them have read the good and great fantasies of my youth yet, so by the time I’m done, they are going to think I wrote Final Fantasy, Dragonlance, and most of Raymond Feist. Either that, or one day they’ll realize I’m just the greatest hackjob ever.

2 – I’ve wanted to do a DND comic, ala Knights of the Dinner Table since I did my first Horsemen Play D&D storyline years ago. I still might one day. I have tons of ideas for it.. only a smidge of which I’ve touched on in this story.

3 – I expected a 12 page insert before the next mythos storyline… it has blossomed as I’ve more and more loved it.

So as we come to the last two pages, I hope you guys have enjoyed its silliness as much as I have.