I started this page earlier in the week a little differently. I tried to draw this gaping sarlacc pit of a maw for the albino squirrel. The perspectives were all wrong. The mouth looked stupid. I didn’t know how to properly do the angles of War.

For as evolved as I’ve come, sometimes I get hit with the limitations of my style, and it sucks – but don’t think I don’t try. This storyline has had so much more “art” than I’ve done in a bit, with maybe the exception of the Cthulu story… but the reason this page feels a little sparse (to me) anyway, is that I couldn’t make the art happen the way it deserved to.

I still think the ‘it happens at the table’ is a funny joke. I stand behind this page as amusing, but in an alternate universe somewhere, you saw War dangling over the pit by simply a sword jabbed into a stalactite.