Okie dokie – Anime Fusion, in the bag. Thanks to all of their staff and the new friends I made. If you are coming to the site and this is your first update now that we’re IHL-Minneapolis-Besties… Hi! Welcome to IHL!

So, for those that weren’t there, let me tell you a story that made me giddy like a school kid.

So I did my usual Mystery Science Theater style show at Fusion, and I noticed that the room was packed with people. It seriously filled up really quickly. I commented on this, and someone yells out, ‘Do you know where you are?’ – and I had to stop as I realized exactly where I was. I was in Minneapolis! Get it yet?

“So.. some of you used to watch KTMA?” I ask, surprised. I’m given a murmur of agreement from some of the older folks.

So – for those that have no idea – KTMA is the public access network that MST3k used to play on. I was doing a movie riff in the same area that the original MST3k aired. I know, it is sort of obscurely nerdy, but as a huge Mistie nerd, this was an achievement unlocked sort of feeling.

So – what’s next – a couple of things. The first is that I’m done with conventions for the year. If you want me at your convention, let me know.. I’m sure we can figure it out. Next is that I seriously am going to try and get the store up soon… I really really want to…. now to just do it. Ugh, work. Pfft.