So I’m making sure buttons are buttoned, books are booked, bags are packed, and I’m off to Anime Fusion.

So let me take a moment to comment about the zombie book.

It failed.. like spectacularly! I blame that on a handful of things, including myself, but there were a lot of factors going in that I just didn’t know until this. I take it as a learning experience, and I thank all of you that threw in a potential $15 for it.

The book will get done one day, just not with the same compacted time frame I was going to put myself on. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be yet. That doesn’t mean it will never happen. Also, it lead to some great ideas that will be spawning out in the next few months of my lil universe.

So the comic is already set up to update on Sunday too. (I SWEAR!) So be here, I won’t be, but a comic will!