Hi all!

Two things – The first is, if you could do me a favor.. before you do your holiday shopping at Amazon – click the link through IHL first. It helps me out just a little bit and you pay nothing. Now to the post:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving – and let me just take a few seconds out of my rock star lifestyle (aka sitting watching MST3k with a cat on my lap) to say to all of you – Thank you.

Thank you for being here all these years.
Thanks for enjoying my stories.
Thanks for appreciating that comics can come in all shapes and sizes.
Thank you for sharing the links.
Thank you for inviting me to cons.
Thank you for asking me to come to shows by you.
Thank you for making fun of me when I make a spelling error.
Thanks for getting the jokes.
Thanks for asking when you don’t.
Thank you for every comment.
Thanks for tolerating me and my frenetic nature.
Thank you to your family and friends.
Thank you.

The posts will be shorter for the next week as me and my lady are on vacation, but hopefully I finished my vacation buffer enough to make it seem like I never left.

Happy Turkey Day, yall.