I seriously have so much to do. I have tons of things I want to do. I have a few things I need to do. I’m also trying to figure out what to do with my next book. The last few years I’ve had a great time at putting together a book that featured the best story of the last year. I know a lot of people want Daedalus.. but I’m just not ready for that to go into a book – it has another part to live through.

I am almost guaranteedly going to be packaging that together when it is finally done. For now though, I think I’m going to be packaging the first 2 MEPH-DETECTIVE stories, which haven’t really seen much reprinting from me. I’m not just going to reprint old books as my NEW book.. I think I’m going to put the 2 non-website stories into a book along with a brand new non-website story. The key is, I have to write it. I already have the idea – and it is similar in nature to the black and white Meph stories.. just featuring a different character… teehee.

But, like I said.. I have to really sit down and dedicate time to it before March, when my con season starts kicking off again.


Now to do it.