Ok – so for those who aren’t BRILLIANT enough to follow me on social media – let me tell you a lil story.

Once upon a time there was a boy with a job. It was 9 to 5 and he enjoyed it. It wasn’t life fulfilling, but really.. it is rare one finds a 9 to 5 that is. Seasonally tough, he enjoyed going out on weekends dressing up in oddball costumes and making children urinate themselves. Then, after doing that, he would go to his job at a haunted village. This job was more fulfilling in some regards, but it was also this huge mega time chunk of his weekends gone. Then this boy got sick with a nasty little cold that put him in bed at roughly 11pm many nights. Also this little boy had the wedding of his two best friends and his wife’s birthday.

I know it would be amazing to consider, given how thickly I painted the narrative, but I’m that little boy… and now that some things have cleared up, I should be back on schedule. Sorry for the lapse.

I’ll be throwing you guys a freebie next weekish – and hopefully have some convention news too!

Thanks guys,