Thanks for all of the kind words guys.

Ok – time for more business.

Firstly – I just got my first invite to a con in 2013. I can’t announce it before they do, so you’ll just have to wait.. but its a show I’ve never been to before! YAY! This means that there are only 51 other weekends that you might be able to have me, James Hatton, lingering in a convention hall near you. If you would like me at your convention, pleeEeeEase let your convention know. I do panels, improv shows, MST3k.. I’m really a guest amongst guests and any con would be all the better for having me there. Oh, and I’m humble.

Nextly – I’ve been working on the new IHL store – and I have a question as I am about a week from finally launching it for realzies. So, I’ll have the books, I’m finally putting Viva Las Vegas back in print rotation – The Dotwich – the buttons – and the prints. Is there anything else I’m missing? I think I’m also going to offer the desktops that I generally give out as incentives.. What’s a high-res dot desktop worth to you people? A dollar? Would you be willing to pay $10 for the year to get all of them that I do? I don’t know… so that’s my question to you.