So, what have I been doing this past week?

Mostly working on a poster for the Vagina Monologues. I meant to do a bunch of IHL work – and thankfully there is still the weekend ahead… actually Guest Strip Week will be extending til Weds – and then I promise, #601 will be posted. Anyway, I got a call from my niece last week asking if I could lend my artyness to doing a poster for her college’s showing Vagina Monologues…

So, myself and the director have been working back and forth to get it right. I promise I’ll post it up here when I’m done. It’s coming out pretty nice.

This is the last strip from the Caffiend’s team… I LOVE Blondie’s interpretation of the characters. So neat. =)

Oh, and she might not be the only person working on a Cthulu piece… *whistles innocently*

See ya tomorrow,