Today’s Thor pin-up was brought to us by the Caf-Fiend’s Kevin! Normally the writer of the strip, his partner in crime Blondie has apparently been a bit busy with their work to do a full comic – he did though have time to do this Thor pin-up!

Thanks Kevin, and hopefully I’ll get to see you and your lady at a con this season.

If you guys have a chance, the best thing you can do is talk to Kevin longer than ten minutes… first off, he’s always tired.. second off, when he is at his most tired, he really just says random things.

ME: “Hey Kevin, how ya feelin?”
KEVIN: “Like a wombat threw screwdrivers at my face.”
ME: “Cool.. I’m gonna get a cup of coffee, you want?”
KEVIN: “Where the hell did the wombat come from?!”
ME: “You got it Kev.. see ya in 15..”