The greatest thing about Hannah’s entry ( ) is that she said she had it already made… how many other people out there have IHL strips just hanging out on their harddrive… how many did I put there!?? Weeeeeirrrrd….

Thank you Hannah for your support and your own brand of fun over at Spike Comics. =)

Ok – now onto WATCHMEN. Let the ranting begin. Not at the movie.. I loved the movie. At the fans. This is going to be as vague as possible, but will insinuate things that might spoil. So there ya go.. there’s your warning.

Let’s address three points before I stop geeking out and move on:
1 – THE SEX SCENE – The sex scene DOES happen in the comic. It’s one panel to a Billy Holiday song. The fact that it has a few minutes in the movie instead of being ignored shouldn’t hurt the film at all. It actually also kinda goes into the whole fetishism of being a hero.
2 – THE ENDING – The original ending (seemingly) comes out of nowhere… in the movie, it would be horrible.
3 – THE ACTING – I’ve seen a few people dislike various actors/tresses over their performances, notably Silk Spectre and Ozymandius. I found both of them fine. It was actually Miss Sally Jupiter that I found the most stiff, wooden, and horrendous as a performer in the film. She felt like she was a woman acting.. not a character talking.

Ok – enough of that. Enjoy the film on it’s merits. It’s a damn good film.
Lurve ya,