I mentioned somewhere that I had come up with the last comic for IHL a long time ago. It’s true. This idea.. that you see the comics.. and then zoom out.. and there are an infinite number of them and you see they’ve all been a part of the first comic. I don’t know.. its my whole meta meta meta thing.

I’ve gone and written long speeches before about IHL a few times in here. Like every time I get to a milestone, I feel that I need to make an Oscar speech. I’ll try and keep this short-ish.

The response to ending IHL has been nothing but positive. That astounds me and makes me so happy that people like me and my writing enough to give whatever it is a shot. I will admit, what you are looking at above is the general page format of what IHL-U is going to bring once a week. Why though, am I ending the original format? It’s a multiple purpose bit. I’m sure some of you realize that I love the meta joke. I love the joke that makes the panel structure an actual part of the comic. From the Horsemen climbing through the crack, to the alien ship descending, to the big lock & key. All of these are using the comic structure as its own character. I think I kind of finished it. It isn’t that I couldn’t come up with another interesting idea about what to do with the panels… but I think I’m getting out on it when the getting is good. I don’t feel I’ve ever forced one of those jokes..

Another fact is my writing has gotten bigger. I want to tell bigger stories. I always felt that every time I added a character to IHL, I was diluting the pool. Too many characters, both mine and mythology’s, and I would have too much to juggle. With IHL-U.. I can have ALL of the characters. From mine to mythology and back again. (And do NOT think that characters like Internet, Lucy & Zeke, and the clones can’t appear in IHL-U.. they will.)

So now – that’s it. I’m closing the book on this chapter of my life, but it isn’t without a plan to start a bigger and hopefully bigger and even more successful chapter. I am going to need all of your help on that though, and as we move forward I hope we can do this together.

If you have ever helped me, talked to me at a con, do a webcomic, emailed me, joined on any social media, or just have at some point been a part of the IHL family. Thank you. You are the reason the comic continues on. I’ve said that before and I’m sure I’ll say it a thousand times more. Thank you.

So I’ll see you guys on Christmas with the debut of IHL-U, featuring the birth of a universe.

..and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.
James Hatton