Let me tell you that when I started this story, I knew there would be a brief Po spot.. then stories take on their own lives and off we go. I had no idea that I was going to need to figure out Amphitrite! So there I sat for the last two days working on what Po’s wife would look like. For those that don’t know (and many don’t), she’s one of Po’s wives and the Goddess of Salt Water. Yeah, that’s where we are at.. I need to come up with minimalist characters that invoke the concept of Salt Water and the wife of Poseidon!?!?

Ok, so for reals – it was so much fun. I now have an entire character that I never thought I’d have to come up with.. and she’s there and ready for future adventures. That’s cool.

Oh, and for those that commented that ‘Ol School Po’ looks like aged Aquaman – that’s exactly what I was going for.. I’m glad that idea came across.

..and a dead shark.. teehee.