That’s it.

Well.. for now anyway.

So I’ve spoken quite a bit on here about how this story is different. It is. What I was planning to be a fun action oriented party has turned into this strange homage to a very small subniche genre of chase/revenge stories. So many aspects of this story happened because I was on auto-pilot, and when I knew what was coming next, that didn’t help me know where we were ending up.

When I started this page, I honestly thought that I would be ending a little further forward… with at least a face-off between D and Athena.. but then I started doing it and it felt right to end it here. The story couldn’t progress. Any other points addressed wouldn’t feel as tight for an ending. This was it. I couldn’t help it. Sorry.

It won’t be long before we come back to this… I have a feeling some of you won’t let me stay away too too long. From the comments and responses I’ve gotten, clearly this story hit a nerve – at least a “good story” nerve.

So yeah. Thank you for letting me know what you think, and keep the praise/critique coming.

See you soon!