A few things.
1) I want to congratulate fan and friend Jinx for recognizing insanely quickly that the King Minos was the silouette of the Green Ranger. That’s an insanely nerdy eye. 🙂

2) The ‘Maze’ panel was originally going to be the maze from the old Intellivision game NIGHT STALKER, but while redrawing it, I thought it might be too out there and nobody would get it.. then the Pacman idea game. Game over.

3) I had a fleeting idea of considering doing a ‘Button of the month club’ where for a flat rate of.. I don’t know.. 25? I send you a new IHL button every month for 12 – 14 months. This is not happening, its just an idea, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. My thought is that 25 might be too much, but that’s what would cover shipping. Just spitballing neat ideas.

Hope you liked today’s work!