There it is.

Ok, so let me esplain.

So when I started this story, I took it from the perspective of Daedalus, when the standard Icarus myth features Icarus being cursed because of his ambition – it didn’t make sense to me. Mostly because Icarus is young. He’s an “innocent”. So I took it upon myself to change the myth.

Also, Daedalus’ origin is mixed. Depending on which variation you read, he is the child of royalty, a muse, or Athena. He clearly is something special since he has myths built around him.

Add these two things lead to this adventure. What happened from there, as happens a lot is that these stories kind of get out of my hands and they get bigger as I get more ideas. The ideas unfold sometimes in ways I can squash or handle quickly.. but the more I went, the more I realized that this was not only a serious story with funny bits, but there was another story I wanted to tell, but I don’t know it yet. That’s what happens next.

So it isn’t that this isn’t a complete story. It is. It is a full myth with a beginning and end… but there is another story in this character’s life, and I’ll be figuring it out and starting it up this summer.

Whatcha think?