…The penultimate page.

I promise, the next story will be funny. This one just wasn’t going to be…

So – lets discuss the site this past week.

IHL was hit – again – by some annoying Javascript injection. What that means is that there was a bug in the machine and it took me 3 days to find it. I want to thank friend and longtime fan Nikolas for pointing it out to me at first, and then everyone else from there who informed me that I was Google Blacklisted.

As you can see, I fixed it with the help of new scanning software, and I’ve added a bunch of security stuffs to make it harder for this to happen again. Thanks GOTMLS.COM.

There is a good chance the site is going to go through some changes soon, mostly in response to this – to be certain the site is completely clean with no more secret backdoors lingering, I might reinstall and clean the site up. I haven’t decided, but I figured I’d ask you guys what you think. The site would generally remain similar (mostly because the background color is intrinsic to a couple storylines of the past) but it could use a sprucing, hm?

Ok – see you Sunday with the inevitably tear-eyed finale.