So – I told you I’d wait to tell you stuff.. it’s been a comic and I’m still here.. so let’s start with one important thing.

I created something new. Now, this has nothing to do with my absence.. as a matter of fact, I started this project last year, forgot about it, and then in wanting to do something else – found it again.. and did all of the work for it in two nights.

ONE PIXEL – A comic

Please – give it a look. It’s a thing I wrote and its introspective and sad and interesting and.. well, you’ll see.

The ‘So why did you abandon us’ part.

I didn’t. I swear. I abandoned EVERYTHING. I’ve been writing a novel (after finishing Fear Project) and the house and gaming and reading and.. I went into static overload. I seriously just stopped. I took a month off from being creative, and instead watched a shitton of tv, read a bunch of books, played some video games.. and just didn’t create.

The good of that is – I started after Ikasucon and its all I’ve done for the last week. The other good.. it took me a long time to get to a brain blowout. The bad – I disappointed some people and I lost track of some of my creative goals. I’m working on fixing that part. I also lost time.. and that’s never good.

But I’m back. Proven by this comic, and proven more by Weds.
XOXO – Let me know what you think of One Pixel.. please.