This is it – the beginning of the story I started about a year and a half ago. I’ve mentioned before, but this story wasn’t supposed to be this sort of epic father son drama thing. I wanted to tell a cool Icarus story forever… but then it started going and going and going. And then, I wanted Part 2 to be the light part, where it was this Gunslinger Action Chopsocky affair.. but nope. Different.

I took a break for a little while so I could get my head on straight with knowing where it was going to end – because I say it kept going to interesting storytelling places, but I seriously didn’t know HOW to end it then.

Even with an idea in my head as to where this story will finish up… it probably will go some place else.


EPISODE 1 – Daedalus Mechanics
EPISODE 2 – Daedalus Rising