I have tons of things to say here.

1) This page was a bitch. Given you are aware of how I don’t art the same way other people do, that first panel took literal hours. It gave me a headache learning how to use GIMP filters to make it look so “Lucy”. I might have bit a little more than I should have with this part of the story.. because I know what’s coming, and that means I need to do a lot more work.

2) ihlcomic.tumblr.com is kicking, and by the time you read this – it will be up to strip #5. 1/199th of the entire series… still TONS of time to catch up.

3) Here’s the big new piece of info this week. A few months ago, I signed up to write a short horror story to enter a contest. Well, I’ve been entered in. I’m officially an entrant into David Wellington’s Fear Project. Starting in February I will be writing horror every week until there is one person left to win. I am going to keep posting the link until its done, because the more comments my stories get, the better chance I have at immunity per week.

Ok – I think that’s it.. I think that’s enough. Thanks all!