I have some exciting(ish) news!

So, there is apparently a new website that all of you kids seem to enjoy called “The Tumblr”. I have tried to use it a few times, but never really found much use in it. I mean, there is porn… but why go to Tumblr when I could go to – literally – EVERY OTHER WEBSITE. Also, I can’t stand 10 frame gifs of someone’s mouth moving.

So, now that we’ve established that I don’t get it… I’M GOING TO START USING IT!

IHL has been around now for 10 years. 1000 comics, a couple hundred pages later, why not start from the beginning – on another site – where there are millions of teenagers that fight about ‘isms’ and who is sexier, Sam, Dean, Sherlock, or Crazy Eyes. I am gonna fit RIGHT IN!

So starting Monday – IHL-Classic Edition – starts at strip #1, and every day Mon-Friday you get another comic! I know since many of you have read from the first strip it isn’t that big of a deal.. but now you can share your favorites around your.. uhm.. Harry Potter Shipping discussions.. and.. uhm.. Lost Girl FFRPs.

So – if you have a TUMBLR – you can go and follow it now: IHLCOMIC.TUMBLR.COM!