Oh look at her.. isn’t she lovely. Meet Nephthys, the Egyptian Goddess of Night. She was a tricky one to figure out, but as always I go by the rules of the gods. (Did you know they had rules) Take the Norse.. they have much more ‘Human’ looking faces. Well, the only other Egyptian female I’ve done is Isis, and she is representative of the symbol that the statues of her headdress generally wear, so I decided that I would go for a similar theme with Nephthys.

I did do my own work with the colors, as she is normally seen in reds and yellows, but I just didn’t feel that it properly represented the concept of night, so deep purple and blues were the more obvious choice. I also wanted her to look different from Nyx, the Greek Goddess of Night.

Also, I really loved the idea of the kitties caterwauling.

Happy Sunday.

PS – Thanks to everyone that voted for me over at Comic Mix with their Webcomic Madness ma’bob. Reasonably, by the time you are reading this – I have probably lost in the first round to the beautiful work of The Abominable Charles Christopher. I’m just happy I made it into the voting phase. Thanks all that went and voted for me. You are all nifty.