Hi everyone! I promised a share day – so we get a share day. For those who have never been around for a share day – let me es’plain.

So I like getting new fans. I like reminding old fans that they haven’t seen the new stuff! YOU! YES YOU! Like me (I hope.) You also like free stuff. So, as per the Cthulu big sale, everyone who paid the uber-cost are getting a desktop! After it’s done, and you get it (as well as a private print of it mailed to you – I give it some time, and turn it into a desktop! So… here you go. This is uber-fan Bill Stagge’s request – and now it can be yours for the simple price of posting the following link on your Face-Tweet-LiveJourn-Tumbl-Pintery things… you let me know via email, facebook, tweeter, or comment here – and I send you the full hi-res desktop (Which looks good on your phone too, fyi.)

Get it? Got it? Good.

So either send them to INHISLIKENESS.COM orrr

And you will recieve this: