I needed to give a hug to Baron and 1nt3rn3t.. and originally had 1nt with the gum on the back, but I just couldn’t rationalize it for some reason. So Baron gets the honor. Odd little strip to put near the end, but it is what it is. *smiles*

So, for those who are just coming to IHL for the first year, what is below is the official and fantastical ADVENT CALENDAR. Through the magic of the internet, if you put this image (with the conveniently left code for you) on your website or blog, it will change every night.. The problem is that the functionality of it doesn’t translate very well to Facebook or Twitter, which weren’t as all hot shit when I started doing this. (It looks AWESOME on your Myspace)

It will be here changing, and you get the last picture on Christmas, the same day that IHL-U debuts.. DOUBLE PRESENTS!

Copy & Paste This On Your Site/Blog/Face:::
<a href=”http://www.inhislikeness.com”><img src=”http://www.inhislikeness.com/images/advent11.jpg”></a>