Wow – the response to the Bohemian Rhapsody strip surprised me. Also, Matt made a great suggestion… if people would be interested in that as a donation incentive.. would they prefer a mailed to you print book.. black and white, hand stapled by Mr. Hatton himself.. or a full color online/PDF version?

I really am shocked you guys would enjoy a comic where all I have to do is write out and draw the lyrics of Bohemian Rhaposody. I’d obviously add lil things to make me laugh – but – really? I guess its not something you see every day, so why not, eh? I’ll give it some thought.

THE GREY NUMBER IS ONE DIGIT… this freaks me out.

One last thing – on Black Friday or CyberMonday – if you are going to be doing any Christmas shopping on Amazon.. PLEASE click one of my links before you start loading up that cart. It is just as good as donating.. =) Thanks and happy holidays!