It wouldn’t have been right to not give them a moment… they’ll probably have one more before I’m done too.

Lucy and Zeke.

They are, without question, the favorites of the comic. I know a lot of you have your favs, but if there are two that people without question tell me that they really really care about as characters. It is Lucy, and surprisingly a growing number came to love Zeke over the years – which makes me thrilled…

I’ve been known occasionally to do an ‘aww’ strip – and mostly it is because of these two. When I did the last strip that set this one up, I said in the last blog that I didn’t expect to give them this strip. This was definitely one of those situations where the character peeked their head up and said, ‘scuse me.. my turn’. So, Lucy gets her love letter to Zeke.

If there is one reason that I can promise you that I won’t stop doing stuff with the IHL pantheons.. it is because I would have rabid fangirl hate if people didn’t get to hang with L & Z occasionally. ..but what of the other Devilette’s you ask?

See ya Sunday. 😉